What is Ajax Amsterdam? Everything You Need To Know

AFC Ajax, commonly referred to as Ajax Amsterdam, stands as one of the most iconic football clubs globally, with a rich history spanning over a century. Established in 1900, the club has witnessed remarkable success and has become synonymous with Dutch football excellence.

Ajax Amsterdam

UEFA ranking Academies (Youth/Coaching)

Ajax Amsterdam has consistently ranked among Europe’s elite clubs in UEFA competitions, boasting a prestigious history of victories and notable performances.Ajax boasts world-renowned youth academies and coaching programs, known for nurturing some of the brightest talents in football history.Ajax Amsterdam has called several stadiums home throughout its storied history, each contributing to the club’s illustrious legacy.

Crest and colours

The club’s iconic crest symbolizes its rich heritage and unwavering spirit, representing the values and traditions it upholds.


The distinctive red and white colours of Ajax Amsterdam evoke a sense of pride among players and fans alike, serving as a symbol of unity and strength.


AFC Ajax N.V.

Ajax’s financial prowess has played a pivotal role in its sustained success, allowing the club to compete at the highest levels of European football.


Ajax has secured lucrative sponsorship deals over the years, further bolstering its financial stability and global reach.

Kit suppliers and shirt sponsors

The club’s partnerships with prominent kit suppliers and shirt sponsors have contributed to its iconic image and worldwide recognition.

Kit deals

Ajax’s kit deals have been instrumental in shaping its identity and enhancing its brand value on a global scale.

Other teams

Ajax Amsterdam boasts a diverse range of teams across various sports, each contributing to the club’s overall success and reputation.

Reserves team

The reserves team serves as a breeding ground for young talents, providing them with valuable experience and development opportunities.

Women’s team

Ajax’s women’s team has emerged as a dominant force in women’s football, achieving remarkable success both domestically and internationally.

Amateur team

The amateur team embodies the grassroots spirit of the club, fostering a deep sense of community and passion for the game.

Other sports

In addition to football, Ajax Amsterdam has made significant strides in other sports, showcasing its versatility and competitive spirit.


Ajax’s baseball team has garnered attention for its achievements and contributions to the local sporting scene.


The club’s foray into esports highlights its innovative approach to sports management and engagement with younger audiences.

Affiliated clubs

Ajax maintains strong ties with affiliated clubs worldwide, fostering collaboration and exchange of knowledge and resources.


Rivalry with Feyenoord

The rivalry between Ajax and Feyenoord is one of the fiercest in Dutch football, fueled by historical animosity and intense competition on the pitch.

Rivalry with PSV

Ajax’s rivalry with PSV Eindhoven adds another layer of excitement to the Dutch football landscape, with both clubs vying for supremacy in domestic competitions.

Rivalries with other clubs

Ajax’s storied history has seen the emergence of rivalries with various clubs, each adding to the drama and spectacle of Dutch football.


Supporters clubs

Ajax boasts a passionate and loyal fan base, with supporters clubs spanning the globe and rallying behind the team with unwavering support.

Average attendance

The club consistently attracts large crowds to its matches, with average attendance figures reflecting the enduring popularity of Ajax Amsterdam.


Ajax’s mascot symbolizes the club’s spirit and values, captivating fans of all ages with its charm and charisma.

Jewish connection

Ajax has a unique connection to the Jewish community, with elements of Jewish symbolism and tradition woven into the fabric of the club’s identity.


Current squad

Ajax’s current squad comprises a mix of seasoned veterans and promising young talents, embodying the club’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Players out on loan

Ajax’s loan system provides players with valuable playing time and development opportunities, allowing them to hone their skills and contribute to the club’s success.

Retired numbers

The club honors legendary players by retiring their numbers, paying tribute to their contributions and achievements on and off the pitch.

Youth/reserves squad

Ajax’s youth and reserves squad serves as a talent pipeline for the first team, nurturing future stars and ensuring the club’s sustained success.

Notable former players

Ajax boasts a rich tradition of producing world-class talent, with a long list of former players who have left an indelible mark on the club and the sport.

Board and staff

Current board

Ajax’s board comprises experienced professionals and passionate individuals dedicated to steering the club towards continued success and growth.

Current staff

The club’s coaching and support staff play a crucial role in maximizing player potential and achieving performance excellence on the field.

List of Ajax chairmen

Ajax’s chairmen have played a pivotal role in shaping the club’s direction and philosophy, guiding it through both triumphs and challenges.

List of Ajax coaches

The club has been led by visionary coaches who have instilled a winning mentality and a commitment to attractive, attacking football.


Official trophies (recognized by UEFA and FIFA)

Ajax’s trophy cabinet boasts an impressive collection of official trophies, including national, European, and worldwide titles.


Ajax has dominated domestic competitions, clinching numerous league titles and domestic cups throughout its illustrious history.


The club’s success in European competitions is unparalleled, with multiple UEFA Champions League triumphs cementing its status as a continental powerhouse.


Ajax’s global reach and impact extend beyond Europe, with victories in international tournaments showcasing its prowess on the world stage.

Other trophies

In addition to official trophies, Ajax has won numerous other accolades and awards, further solidifying its reputation as one of the greatest football clubs of all time.

Club Awards

Ajax’s players and staff have been honored with various club awards, recognizing their outstanding contributions and achievements.

Honorary club members

The club bestows honorary memberships upon individuals who have made significant contributions to Ajax Amsterdam, both on and off the pitch.


Domestic results

Ajax’s dominance in domestic competitions is reflected in its impressive record of league titles and domestic cup victories.

Continental results

The club’s performances in UEFA competitions have been nothing short of spectacular, with memorable victories and historic moments etched in football folklore.

Team records

Ajax holds numerous team records, ranging from longest unbeaten streaks to highest-scoring matches, testament to its enduring legacy of excellence.

Club van 100

The Club van 100 honors players who have made 100 or more appearances for Ajax, celebrating their loyalty and dedication to the club.

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